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Frigo bar

Acqua / Water: 1,50€
Bibite in lattina / Canned drinks: 3,00€
Birra / Beer: 4,00€
Succo di frutta / Fruit judice: 3,00€
Bitter / Bitters: 3,00€
Patatine / French fries: 3,00€
Noccioline / Peanuts: 3,00€
Breakfast time
From 7.30 am to 10.00 am
Reception Hours
8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Dear Guest, In order to limit the environmental impact due to the frequent changing of towels, we kindly ask you to throw only those towels on the floor that you wish to be changed.

Our Facilities
Visit us and get a 10% discount at our facilities!
Busca Vida
Busca Vida Cocktail Bar – Bistro
Via della Repubblica, 29 – Cecina (LI).
Tel. 393.9433151
Il Delfino

Il Delfino – Bath – Restaurant/Pizzeria

Via delle Gorette – Marina di Cecina (LI).
Tel. 0586.621185

Risorsa 10


animals are welcome at Delfino Tuscany Resort; for the well-being of all Guests, certain guidelines must be followed:
-they may not roam freely within the facility, but must be kept on a leash by the owner.
-To run freely, they can access the area reserved for them.
-They are not allowed to be left alone inside the rooms or apartments.
They are allowed access to the pool only near the owner-occupied loungers; they are not allowed to enter the water, or use the shower.

Electricity Columns

Use of the electric charging stations is free from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. after that the cost is Euro 10.00 per hour.


opening hours 8 a.m.-8 p.m.
The pool IS NOT SURVIVED by a lifeguard, so caution is recommended.
– Bathing is not allowed if you have been eating or drinking for a short time.
– Children must always be accompanied by an adult.
Take a shower before entering the water.
Soaps of any kind are not allowed in the pool shower.
It is not allowed to occupy umbrellas and sunbeds unless present.


-in the breakfast room you can find at your disposal our library of used books, you can take what you want and if you want you can leave yours that you have already read, enjoy your reading.

Books are respected by using them, not by leaving them alone .

Le Gorette Beach

The Le Gorette beach, also known as the Gorette beach, is one of the beaches in Marina di Cecina, Tuscany, and is distinctive for the presence of a lush pine forest set within the Tombolo di Cecina Nature Reserve.
Situatto right in front of our resort also reachable by a walk of just over 10 minutes through our pine forest.

The shoreline is wide and long, consisting mostly of fine golden sand. Small pebbles and gravel are present in some sections. The seabed is shallow and gently sloping: making it safe for swimmers as experienced as children to swim.
You can find free beach as well as as 4 bathing establishments.

The beach is Dog-Friendly, there is in fact a free beach where our dog friends have free access to the beach and the sea.

Bicycle Rental Dolphin Tuscany Resort

€ 8 for the first 3 days
€ 6 starting from the 4th day

Seas and around


Le Gorette Beach

The Le Gorette beach, also known as the Gorette beach, is one of the beaches in Marina di Cecina, Tuscany, and is distinctive for the presence of a lush pine forest set within the Tombolo di Cecina Nature Reserve.
Situatto right in front of our resort also reachable by a walk of just over 10 minutes through our pine forest.

The shoreline is wide and long, consisting mostly of fine golden sand. Small pebbles and gravel are present in some sections. The seabed is shallow and gently sloping: making it safe for swimmers as experienced as children to swim.
You can find free beach as well as as 4 bathing establishments.

The beach is Dog-Friendly, there is in fact a free beach where our dog friends have free access to the beach and the sea.


Marina di Cecina

Marina di Cecina is a seaside resort on the Etruscan Coast surrounded by vast, centuries-old maritime pine forests that overlook the fifteen-kilometer-long sandy shore constituting the Tomboli di Cecina Biogenetic Nature Reserve. The clear, deep-blue sea washes a long, wide beach of soft sand hemmed in by green Mediterranean scrub. Large stretches of free beach and long-standing bathing establishments alternate along the shoreline. These beaches have received the prestigious Blue Flag award every year since 2006.


White Beaches

The White Beaches constitute an approximately five-kilometer stretch of sandy shoreline in the municipality of Rosignano Marittimo in Tuscany, between the hamlets of Rosignano Solvay and the center of the village of Vada. The unusual color of the sand, which is why the beach is compared to tropical shores, is a consequence of years of processing and calcium carbonate discharges from a Solvay Group plant located in Rosignano Solvay, about a kilometer from the coast



In the heart of the Etruscan coast, immersed in a landscape of hills jutting into the sea, pine forests close to the beach and Mediterranean scrub. – However, Castiglioncello remains an important tourist destination on the Livorno coast, frequented as much by residents of Tuscany as by tourists from other regions.

Castiglioncello is the one where nightlife is certainly most developed. There are a few discos such as the Astragalo Beach Club, located on the Quercetano Bay beach, and the Barcaccina, in Vada directly on the waterfront.


Baratti Beach

Baratti, with its gulf, is one of the most beautiful seaside destinations in Tuscany: in this small town, part of the municipality of Piombino, you will find a splendid sea, surrounded by unspoiled nature, a very long beach and numerous services available.

Baratti you go there to relax, facing a crystal clear sea and surrounded by unspoiled nature.


Port of Marina di Cecina

Your berth is not just a berth, it is a solution that allows you to fully enjoy the scenic beauty of Tuscany, to dive into the absolute blue of the archipelago, and to get level services to the person and the boat. The Port of Cecina is all of this; it is evocative and quality landfall.
Situated on the renowned Etruscan Coast, known for its scenic beauty and food and wine delights, the Port of Cecina is an ideal starting point for reaching the islands of the Tuscan Archipelago and is strategically located with respect to Tuscany’s major art cities.
Via Guado alle Vacche, 57023 Cecina LI
0586 620602
Inflatable Boat Rental Cecina Mare
LOC PORTO DI, 57023 Cecina LI
347 639 8190

Restaurants in the area


Il Delfino Restaurant
Via delle Gorette, 2


Busca Vida Cocktail Bar – Bistro
Republic Street, 29


6/8 Victory Avenue.


El Faro
70 Victory Avenue


Ristopescheria da Mery
Galliano Avenue,5


Enobistro Thought Worse
Giacomo Matteotti Avenue, 266


The Doretto
Via Pisana Livornese
The Doretto

Pizzerias in the area


Pizzeria Il Delfino
Via delle Gorette, 2.
The Dolphin Pizzeria


Bottega Dani (Gourmet)
Via Vecchia Livornese 22/D


Via Francesco Guerrazzi 92



Busca Vida Cocktail Bar – Bistro
Via della Repubblica, 29


Bar Napoli
Via Giacomo Matteotti 80
Bar Napoli


Dan Kafé
Leonardo Da Vinci Street

Typical Tuscan Product


– Mediterranean Belfiore



Water Village

Discover a corner of Hawaii at Acqua Village Cecina, a nominee for Best Water Park in Italy at the Parks Mania Awards 2018!

Located in the center of cecina mare just over 1 km from us.
Via Tevere, 34, 57023 Cecina LI
0586 622539


Gallerose Park

A route suitable for everyone, to be taken absolutely calmly. From Africa to the Farm, from museums to the botanical garden. 3 km surrounded by nature.

Immerse yourself in the nature of the park; your path will always be covered by the vegetation of 14K plants that has been continuously increasing over the years.
The zoo includes more than
130 species of animals from the five continents and the common farm.
Via Aurelia Sud, 65, 57023 Loc. Cedrino, LI

348 888 3778


Crazy Horse

The Cavallino Matto, nestled in the green pine forest bordering the Tyrrhenian beaches in Marina di Castagneto, is the largest amusement park Tuscany.
Emotions for daredevils

Spread over an area of 70,000 square meters, the Park offers numerous attractions that are sure to amaze young and old alike.
Family Adventures
There is no shortage of attractions dedicated to the whole family:
Events and performances
The Crazy Horse offers a 4D Cinema to enjoy mini-movies in peace, but live shows and events for young and old are also organized.

Via Po, 1, 57022 Marina di Castagneto Carducci LI
Book Online

0565 745720


The Suspended Garden

the Adventure Park the Suspended Garden awaits you for a day of sure-fire fun with its exciting tree acrobatic courses of varying degrees of difficulty and within everyone’s reach.

The acrobatic paths
Tree acrobatic courses, consisting of a series of fixed and suspended platforms connected by passages of different difficulty and length, are made to be able to perform a variety of exercises to be performed in complete safety.
Loc. Garden, 56046 Riparbella PI
337 127 9684


Kartodrome “Pista del Mare”

Nestled in the peaceful Cecina countryside, the “Pista del Mare” Kartodrome is located a short distance from the pine forest of Marina di Cecina (Paduletto Location).
It has 20 karts for rent with the possibility of organizing both corporate races and races among friends. It is also possible to reserve the car track by reservation from Monday to Friday.

Locality Paduletto, 5A, 57023 Cecina LI
0586 682073


Cecinese Equestrian Center

The Cecinese Equestrian Center is located in the upper Maremma 200 meters from the sea immersed in a pine forest.
Placed between the sea and the pine forest, it organizes horseback riding and trekking in picturesque places along the Etruscan coast and in the metalliferous hills of the area.
Location the cauldron Cecina Mare
0586 620228


Cecina Mare Promenade Along the Sea Victory Avenue Cecina Mare


Castiglioncello seaside promenade

Lavender Fields Via Francesco Domenico Guerrazzi, 94A, 57023 Cecina LI, Italy


– Conad Supermarket
– Idla Supermarket

Check train schedules
To and from Pisa Airport
Cab Cecina
You can contact your cab in Cecina
at the following number: 0586.631777

Villages of the Etruscan Coast


One of the most beautiful villages on the Etruscan Coast.
Hundreds of swifts soar among the buildings of the historic center, and the sky turning pink. Campiglia is a concentration of beauty, residing within the castle walls, among the narrow alleys, courtyards and flowered windows of the palaces. Four historic gates provide access to the village, at the center of which is Piazza Mazzini with the Town Hall, Piazza della Repubblica, and not far away the Praetorian Palace, a fascinating building dating from 1246, on whose facade are several coats of arms of the Captains of the People.

In Piazza della Repubblica, passing the northwestern arch, you reach a small and scenic little square, one of the most Instagrammable places in Campiglia Marittima.


From the hills we move to the coast to one of the most fascinating places around Piombino: the village of Populonia

Do not miss a visit to the Appiani Fortress.
Climbing to the top of the tower , the view sweeps from the Etruscan Coast and the Gulf of Baratti to Elba Island. Truly breathtaking! The nearby Populonia Etruscan Museum Gasparri Collection

For those who love trekking,
we highly recommend reaching the Buca delle Fate
: this is a very picturesque cove, one of the most beautiful on the entire Etruscan Coast.


Just north of Campiglia Marittima is Suvereto, one of Italy’s most beautiful villages, with its tower and Rocca Aldobrandesca dominating the Etruscan Coast landscape from the top of the hill.

Must-see the Parish Church of San Giusto, one of the oldest houses of worship in the Val di Cornia, the Doll Art Museum and the Cloister of the Convent of St. Francis, the only part of the original structure that has survived to this day.Together with Campiglia, the medieval village of Suvereto is part of the municipalities traversed by the Wine and Oil Road of the Etruscan Coast


Pearl of the Etruscan Coast,
Bolgheri is the perfect destination for a romantic getaway
. You get there by walking along the long Viale dei Cipressi that inspired Carducci’s verses in his work “Davanti San Guido” In Bolgheri it is nice to stroll around and stop in the stores selling handicrafts and typical products, wait for the sunset and enjoy a glass of red wine in one of the inns in the center.


The village is perched on a hill a short distance from the sea, surrounded by vineyards, olive groves, chestnut forests and Mediterranean scrub: an incredible landscape that puts the soul at peace with the world. With its ups and downs, the Bolgherese Provincial Road, which connects Bolgheri with Castagneto Carducci, is also a popular stretch for cyclists and
is part of the route of the Etrusca
, a historic cycling competition with a vintage flavor among the architectural and natural wonders of Tuscany.


Not far from Bolgheri is the medieval village of Bibbona: the old part, perched on the hill, is a nucleus of ancient origins that is well worth a visit.

With a short walk you can admire the Pieve di Sant’Ilario, a 14th-century building with an unusual trapezoidal shape, Among the surprising sights offered by the village of Bibbona are also caves and hypogea dating back to Etruscan times, symbols traceable to the Knights Templar and many other historical curiosities that can be discovered thanks to the walks organized by the Pro Loco of Bibbona


See the Casa del Camarlingo, one of the oldest buildings in the village, and the adjacent clock tower, as well as the Rectory Palace, the Parish Church of St. Andrew and the Church of St. Sebastian. A secret and romantic little place in Casale Marittimo is La Ferrana Garden-a perfect spot to rest in the shade of trees, surrounded by flowers, at the foot of the castle walls.

Hiking & Biking

Excursions in the surrounding area


Horseback riding in Castagneto Carducci

Horseback ride immersed in the green pine forest of Castagneto Carducci. A way to enjoy nature and relax.
For the 1h 30min and 2h routes during the winter months (October 1 – March 31), the walk will take place in the beach bordering the pine forest

Hiking trails in Alta Val di Cecina

Alta Val di Cecina includes the municipalities of Castelnuovo Val di Cecina, Montecatini Val di Cecina, Pomarance, Monteverdi Marittimo and Volterra. A land of hills, forests and streams, the Alta Val di Cecina presents signs of the millennial presence of man, spread throughout an extraordinary naturalistic context.
What to see

Great hiking loop of the Rio Gorge
Boulder Cross and Poggio alla Marruca

The northern slopes of Mt. Soldano
The Montenero Nature Reserve Ring
Open throats and the Rivivo Valley
Buffalo Horn Ring

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